Mayor Khan has chronically underinvested in transport here in Merton & Wandsworth.

He’s bankrupted TfL. Caused gridlock on our roads. And has implemented a congestion charge in the middle of a pandemic which will hit those who are already struggling the hardest.

I know, and you know, that Merton & Wandsworth deserves better.

Imagine a transport network that works for you. That’s accommodating to pedestrians, cyclists and motorists. That feels safe, causes less pollution and gets you from A – B faster.

I believe in a better, more sustainable transport network for Merton & Wandsworth. And I have a plan to deliver it.

If elected, I will:

  • Bring the tube to Morden South
  • Push for the full electrification of buses – regenerating Merton & Wandsworth’s transport network after a legacy of chronic underinvestment under Mayor Khan.
  • Deliver infrastructure improvements that actually work for businesses, motorists, cyclists and pedestrians. Fixing the Mayor’s A24 changes which are causing chaos.
  • Deliver a temporary bridge while Hammersmith Bridge is fixed.
  • Work with TfL to speed up the Northern Line extension into Battersea and deliver a second entrance for Putney station.
  • Review Khan’s plans to extend ULEZ which in their current form would be ineffective and cause unnecessary disruption for residents.
  • Reverse the Mayor’s congestion charge hike.

So if you, like me, believe in a better transport network for Merton & Wandsworth. A transport network that works for you and your family. Vote for me, Louise Calland, on the 6th of May 2021.

And I, alongside Shaun Bailey (Conservative candidate for Mayor of London), will make our transport network in Merton & Wandsworth work for you.